As a designer engaged in education, I have become increasingly intrigued by the ways that individuals consider and make connections. Especially, how humans experience their place, impact and agency within space, time and its interconnections. In my practice, I therefore pay close attention to human engagement with physical material, form and function. Through my research, I inquire if and how being attentive, tending to, can be a ‘gripping tale’ to tell. How can I honour and articulate what often goes unnoticed?

what i have been meaning to tell you

On what i have been meaning to tell you I invite you to join me in this contemplation of a small section of my own educational practice: an encounter with the dandelion. Rather than being a question of examining or studying, this is an attempt to look with love, slowly, and to be radically open: the willingness to explore different perspectives and change one’s mind as new information is presented. We are always in the process of becoming.